About Us

We have the knowledge to execute & the passion to perfect. Our innovative nature makes us your natural choice...

Building a nation goes beyond robust infrastructure, but transferring important skills for future growth. At Jendza Capital we strongly believe in producing quality in our human capital who in turn produce quality output. As a 100% black owned company we are an enterprise with conscience that understands our history, where we are and where we want to go as a nation.

Our strategic vision is to be a worthy organisation that encourages productivity without compromising safety, health, environment, and quality. We afford our employees every possible opportunity for personal growth in construction and property development whilst maintaining strong client relations.

Jendza Capital is led by a uniquely talented group of South Africans who realised an opportunity for a balanced approach to infrastructural projects that includes creativity; well trained and compensated staff; engineering and construction expertise, environmental considerations and great project management skills.

Vision & Mission

To bolster the nation’s infrastructural development goals; we aim to provide a responsible service in achieving these goals whilst paying attention to employment equity, environmental footprint and skills transfer to the previously disadvantaged.

Organisational Values
  • Client focused
  • Quality service
  • People development
  • Reliable delivery
Skills Development

Our growth prospects and success is largely dependent on continuous efforts in training, developing and retaining our staff. Our human capital is our most valuable asset upon which our growth depends on.

We are constantly improving our ongoing education, training and development programs for our employees in line with the strategic objectives of the Company and the personal needs of our employees.


Registered Name: Jendza Capital Pty Ltd
Registration Number: 2012/015192/07
Director: M Kati

Member of: NHBRC
Registered with: CIDB 7
BBBEE Rating: Level 2